Thermocrete Flue Repair

Thermocrete flue repair is a listed product certified to return the fireplace chimney to meet or exceed the code at the time it was built. The only way to bring the flue pathway to current code is to tear down and rebuild the chimney. Only a tear-down and rebuild could provide an air space between the homes' wood framing, and the chimney structure.

Possible Solutions:
  • Replacing flue tile 'liner' pathway is a costly job does not bring the chimney to code.
  • Stainless steel relining does not address the firebox clearance to wood framing issue, and will likely violate the 10-1, 'fireplace opening to flue cross sectional area' code rule as well, causing smoke issues in the home.
  • The best option is obtaining a ½ inch thick hard ceramic thermocrete coating that will fill all cracks and gaps, and offer a barrier to flames and creosote from getting to combustibles. Thermocrete also offers an element of added thermal insulation beyond when even first built, and does not measurably reduce flue cross sectional area, preserving smoke flow volume.
Furthermore, the first 4 feet of the smoke pathway is what is called the 'chamber'. This is the most fire sensitive part of the pathway. Smoktite, similar to thermocrete, when sprayed 1" thick, brings the chamber up to current code. Replacing flue tiles or stainless steel relining does not address the chamber length, the most vulnerable part of the smoke pathway.

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If you have a very old or historic home, Thermocrete is the only solution to getting the fireplace certified as repaired to original specs, while keeping the flue size virtually the same.

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