Prior to starting the business in 1987, I served in the Air-Force, and later studied engineering from 1977 to 1985. Left engineering to use my creative talents with chimney restoration. Unlike engineering, I'd meet hundreds of great local folks, and in the course of hard physical work, keep the fitness level I had achieved as a college athlete.

In 1990, I opened a large stove & fireplace store. Now downsized, sales have doubled. This is due to 'show and tell' demonstrations, by appointment.) No other store I've been told, has the expertise, or takes the time to help folks break numerous myths that leads to buying the perfect wrong stove. Secondly, new advances in flash combustion technology MUST BE DEMONSTRATED to see beyond any doubt the value. Also, clearly see why shopping using a brochure is fatal for getting the right stove. Whether first time or veteran wood stove user, you will come away learning and getting a far better value. As a trained writer and educator or 20 years, the 30 minute demo will be fun and educational. It will insure you end up with a quality product that provides a lifetime of service no matter how abused. You'll also receive the know-how to insure you are operating in a manner that continues to heat your home at the oil equivalent of 50 cents a gallon. See for more detail. However, reading is no substitute for a demonstration, where unbelievably good performance is proven.

The website, is one of a kind too. It contains a wealth of helpful information as well as complete product info.

A lot has changed over the years. Service price increases are not just from inflation. The state government has forced a host of new and expensive fees and regulatory burdens. However good intentioned, they take far more than they provide. Don't be impressed with contractor statements such as 'member national chimney sweep guild', 'RI registered contractor', or 'member of the better business bureau'. These titles are bought, not earned!

Here are consumer protection tips that don't raise prices like the above: - Do not provide a 'deposit'. Review the completed work, and pay on inspection. - Take time get more than one quote. Ask for details and/or photos of damage. - Don't wait to the fall season. A tenfold increase in fall season demand can limit deals and service availability.

See why over 10,000 have trusted me for professional service and sales since 1987.

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