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Thermocrete Ceramic Flue Repair

Thermocrete ceramic flue lining repair and stainless steel relining is frequently a better relining option than 'poured' or stainless steel pipe. This is especially the case when relining fireplaces and with all furnace applications where reducing the flue size is not acceptable.

Other methods, such as stainless steel, or poured masonry will greatly reduce the size
of the flue pathway. When this happens, the fireplace or heater may not vent sufficiently,
causing a host of problems. Many get smoke in the house, especially with a cold chimney.
In the case of a furnace, downsizing even 1 inch in diameter may not be allowed by code.

Thermocrete is an advanced UL Listed ceramic product that coats and repairs the flue.
It is sprayed on using high tech equipment in several coats and is extremely durable.
Visit for detailed info and a video showing application.

The ideal solution for very old and historic homes as well. Thermocrete is the only
solution for getting the flue certified as repaired to original specs without rebuilding
or compromising safety or performance.

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